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If Elected, will Biden be forced by the Globalists to drop Israel?

Joe Biden

It’s true, Joe Biden has mostly voted in favor of Israel during his time as a senator. So I guess you could say that in normal circumstances Biden would probably be a good president for Israel. But we are not in a time and place where Biden has a free choice on how to position himself and thus the US towards Israel and the Palestinian problem. The globalists have their own dark agenda and if Trump is not re-elected they will eagerly try to force their view on Biden and his administration. Doubt that he will be able to withstand the pressure. Who’s going to be the next president of the US will have a big impact on Israel and the Middle East.

When we look at the coming war, as prophesied in Ezekiel 38/39, we can see that Israel is alone. We can see no US coming to it’s rescue. Chances are that at the time of this attack there will be a president in office that will have dropped Israel or will have no money and/or time to help Israel because of large domestic problems. Because trump went so far in supporting Israel, will the Democrats try to reverse all or most decisions he made?

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