It’s true, the world has seen pandemics before. The plague in the Middle Ages was simply horrible. The Spanish flu some 100 years ago was the first to go global, but since then vaccines were one of the greatest inventions of our modern time. They saved millions and gave the post world war 2 era a new boost of unseen wealth and prosperity. The baby boom generation was the richest and healthiest, especially in the west. The east has caught up and is gaining the wealth and prosperity we now are so accustomed to. We have been spoiled. That is why Covid19 is so disruptive for our society. It’s because we had to give up so much since march, this is totally new for our generation.

So nothing new then? Nothing really special about this whole Covid19 thing? Is it just something that will come and go?
No.. there is something to keep looking at. There are a number of people and some dark forces behind them, that want to use this pandemic to change our society into something more controllable.
Fear is something that can generate big changes in a short time. The 9/11 attacks caused a lot of fear to Americans, a fear that led to war. A war in Iraq and a war in Afghanistan. The war in Iraq led to the rise of Isis and subsequently the fall of Syria. Iran is using the lawlessness in Syria to install it’s proxy’s. The only item on their agenda is to attack Israel and defeat the sunni muslims. You can see that all events are linked. It’s a chain of events that will conclude in the rise and fall of the anti-christ. The covid19 pandemic is a next catalyst in this big chain of events. The fear it causes and the pressure it brings to governments to make big changes will play into the hands of the great power(Satan) behind this coming anti-christ.

I think that it will usher in a controlling system that goes further than we would ever imagined. This system will look necessary to most in order to get back to the “new” normal. But in fact it will make sure that anybody who thinks differently can be detected and can be removed. I think the economy will keep crashing until the governments are out of options. No more money creating, no more bailouts. They will not work anymore. There will be food shortages, a lack of drinkable water. A crisis like never before, so every leader will come to the conclusion that a global solution is necessary. And for a global solution they will need a strong global leader. Someone who will come with solutions. At first these solutions will work and peace will seem close. But then this new world leader’s mask will fall off and all hell will break loose on earth.

Luckily, the church also called the bride of Christ, will not be here to witness all of this. We are living in the last days, as if in the days of Noah. Society is still functioning, people are still getting married and having babies. People are still buying houses and going to work, although it’s more difficult than 6 months ago. All christians should be longing for the soon return of Jesus. He will come to get us in the twinkling of an eye. Wake Up everybody. Let’s be ready.

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