When will the Third Temple be build?

Third Temple

Under the current circumstances it would be hard to imagine that the Third Temple would be build in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount.
All muslims in the Middle East would do what ever they can to prevent this. The Temple Mount is under supervision of the Waqf and they will never allow a Temple to be build next to the Dome of the Rock. Unless. Unless something happens that changes the narrative in such a way that muslims would feel obligated to allow the building of the Third Temple. One of the possibilities is that if the Ezekiel 38/39 attack takes place, and the Lord himself intervenes and destroys all the invading armies of Russia, Turkey, Iran and others in one day. Then all muslims in the world will see that the God of Israel is truly mighty to save! Islam will suffer a big blow. Will they then still be able to stop the building of the Temple?

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