What will the post Trump era bring?


All Israel loving christians around the world were amazed to see how boldly President Trump supported Israel for the past 4 years. Not only with words, but also with powerful actions like moving the embassy to Jerusalem and recognising the Golan Heights as part of Israël. The UAE and Bahrain peace deal are seen as major signs of the time. As bible reading christians it was not hard to see God using Donald Trump to move things forward at a speed never seen before in the last decades.

But now things will speed up even more. When Biden will enter the Oval office he will try to undo all that President Trump has done in a matter of weeks. The pendulum will swing completely in the other direction. The New World Order organizations feel the need to push their agenda more than ever. The Biden presidency will be a weak one and nobody knows what can happen in 2024, so there is little time to unfold what has been long planned. A one world government, a one world financial system, a one world religion and a system to control the whole global population.
The Covid19 crisis will be used to push the narrative on all local governments. All around the world economies are suffering and citizens are calling out for a solution. They will gladly turn in their liberty for safety and being healthy.

Joe Biden will return to the Climate Change table. He will return to the Iran accord, enabling Iran to buy weapons and sell oil for hard cash. He will restart funding the Palestinians and will join the nations in condemning Israel in the United Nations assembly. Biden will impose higher taxes and Covid19 lockdowns, these will once again weaken the US economy. During his presidency China will be more aggressive towards its neighbours. Iran and Turkey will push their sphere of influence even more.

This should not surprise us. In the 70th week of Daniel prophecy we can see that the US is absent from the line up of nations. Same thing goes for the Ezekiel 38 prophecy.
What should we do as Christians? Stay very close to our Lord. Pray and focus on being a light in the darkness. Stay kind and friendly, your hope is not in this world. Our citizenship is in the Kingdom of God. God is in full control and He determines who sits in the White House and for how long. Remember: the Lord’s return is imminent. Jesus is coming.

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