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Turkey’s goal in Caucasus was to increase Russia’s role

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While Turkey frequently spreads misinformation via its state media, imprisons journalists and dissidents and bashes the US, it is growing closer to Russia.

Turkey and Russia are increasingly becoming strategic partners in an effort to work with Iran and remove the US from the Middle East. This is Turkey’s overall goal and its recent conflicts and chaos that it has spread from Syria to Libya, the Mediterranean and Caucasus is designed to partition these areas into Russia and Turkey spheres of influence.

Turkey has encouraged its lobbyists in the US to claim that Ankara is doing “geopolitics” designed to be a “bulwark” against Russia, using Cold War era terminology to encourage westerners to believe Turkey is on the side of the US against Russia. In fact Ankara’s goal is to work with Russia and Iran to reduce US influence. This has been the result in every area that Ankara has invaded and involved itself. Turkey worked with Russia to partition parts of northern Syria, removing US forces and spreading extremism. In Libya a conflict that the US was once involved in has now become a playground for Turkish-backed militias. The recent war between Azerbaijan and Armenia was likewise designed to bring Turkey and Russia into direct contact in the southern Caucasus, remove US influence and partition the area.

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