The Middle East is changing rapidly

New Middle East

Almost every week there is new geo political news from the Middle East that changes the narrative and almost every time it changes so that it comes in accordance with the prophecies of the Old and New Testament. The speed at witch the Middle East is changing is staggering. For decades there was this status quo, but now in a few short years a clear rift is being exposed between certain countries. On one side we have Sunni muslim, mostly Arab countries that are making peace with Israel and on the other side we can see muslim countries becoming more aggressive towards Israel. The front runners in this last category are Turkey and Iran. Especially Turkey has turned away from the EU and towards the Middle East and is now seeking muslim leadership and by doing so changing is rhetoric into a very aggressive anti-semetic tone. Erdogan is preparing for a great military push to accomplish his dream of liberating Jerusalem of the Jews and becoming the new Caliph of the revived Ottoman Empire. The great puzzle Ezekiel and Daniel presented is almost finished. This can mean only one thing, the return of our Lord is very close. Be ready because He expects His bride to be ready when He comes.

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