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Space X Starlink: Good or Bad?


Space X is dropping thousands of satellites in space to create some sort of grid to bring internet to the whole world no matter how remote the location.
At least 12.000 satellites at an altitude of 550 km is gigantic if you know that there are about 5000 satellites in space right now, with only 2000 operational, that number should amaze you. When operational, Starlink will be very profitable. Hopes are that it will generate a 30 billion dollar yearly profit.

Musk wants to use this money to build settlements on other planets starting with Mars. Why is this so important to Musk? Did he watch to many Sci-Fi movies or is something else pushing him?
God created humans to live on earth. I can see a rebellion in his desire to try to colonize other planets. We know who the top rebel is, it’s Satan.

Let’s be honest, Mars it totally not fit for humans, living there would be extremely difficult, dangerous and expensive. No water, no air, too hot or too cold. Why spend billions to live there?
These efforts and money can better be used to build schools and hospitals, roads and other infrastructure in undeveloped countries.

Can Starlink be used by governments to increase control on their populations? Will it turn out to be a global “control” system? If everybody on the planet has access to internet what does that mean for our global society? Will this be a tool for a future global leader with a desire to manipulate?


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