New Zealand’s outrageous new law allows abortion up to birth.


New Zealand’s “loosened” laws now allow abortion on-demand, up to the moment of birth, for essentially any reason. That means sex-selective and disability-selective abortions, including for conditions like cleft lip and Down syndrome. The “loosening” happened despite the protests of over 1,200 New Zealanders with Down syndrome and their families, who called on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to keep her campaign promise not to allow this kind of deadly discrimination.

Our society has gone so far with this idea that we ourselves are at the center of the universe and everything needs to revolve around our self. If it makes you unhappy, just erase it from your life. Make sure that you’re happy no matter the cost. If your partner makes you unhappy, get a divorce, if you don’t want to be pregnant, get an abortion. Truth is that most women who have had an abortion turn out to regret it years later. This new law in New Zealand truly is a big sign of lawlessness and God will not have it.

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