Natural disasters

Natural disasters are on the rise. Wanna know why?


Natural Disasters keep increasing year by year. Sometimes it just seems that our beautiful blue planet is trying to say something. It doesn’t matter what continent you live on, everybody can clearly see that there is something going on. Scientist are trying to explain current events by saying that it’s all climate change caused by too much co2 and the solution is buying an electric car and recycling our waste. It’s true that there is a lot of pollution and we should take care of the planet in much better ways. The main reason for what we are seeing now is indeed our fault, but it’s on a whole different level than most of us think. It’s because people are turning away from God, it’s because many nations are pushing Israel to give away land for peace and it’s because we are rapidly approaching the Tribulation.

The devil wants people to think that nature is upside down because of the fact that there are just too many people on the planet and it’s not sustainable to have that many people eating and building homes and buying cars etc. That’s the lie he wants you to believe so he can kill a lot of people and the world will applaud the devil for it. The world is in turmoil because God is trying to warn us by withholding his blessings, He wants us to come back to Him and repent and follow Jesus.

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