Good News

Let me tell you the most important news you’ll ever hear!

good news


First of all let me start by telling you that you have a huge problem.
One day you will die and when you do, you will stand in front of your Creator. (no, you are not a monkey)
God himself will then sit on His judgement seat and take a close look at your whole life. He will judge you according to the things you have done.
Every person is born a sinner. We lie, steel, gossip, fornicate our whole life and we completely fall short of the glory of God. God is just and righteous and He has no other option than to condemn us. This means we are separated from Him for all eternity and thats just hell.


But God loves his creation and he doesn’t want us to be lost for all eternity. He wants us to be near Him and enjoy His blessings.
To solve this huge problem we have, God came up with the solution. He would send somebody to the earth, somebody blameless and holy. This person would then take the punishment we deserve and die for our sins, all of them. This person is God’s own Son, Jesus Christ. He died for our sins and therefore everybody who accepts His offering is reborn into His kingdom and saved from eternal damnation. This is the greatest gift we can ever receive and there is nothing in this live that can have a bigger impact on you than to accept this gift from Jesus. If you do, then Jesus will change your life for the better. He will show you your sins and give you a desire by the Holy Spirit to repent and to change your ways. It is my prayer that you accept Jesus as your Savior and let him become Lord in your live.

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