Middle East

Israel says it expects Bahrain and Oman to follow UAE in formalising ties.


We can clearly see a devision in the Arab world. On one hand we can see states that choose to have peace with Israel (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Oman Bahrain etc) and on the other hand we can see countries that want to destroy Israel with an ever increasing hatred and determination (Turkey, Iran, Syria, Sudan etc). It is truly amazing that Ezekiel predicted this in chapter 38/39.
The peace-deal we see between Israel and the UAE can grow out to be the peace-deal the Anti Christ will use to get a false peace with Israel. The Anti Christ will allow them to build the third Temple in Jerusalem. It’s shocking to see the name they have chosen: The Abrahamic accords, pointing to the fact they all have the same father Abraham. The Anti Christ will come up with a unique and attractive point of view on the middle east conflict to convince all nations to sign a peace deal, most likely after the Gog of Magog war. Time is short, let’s be watchful!

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