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Iran destroyed replica US Aircraft Carrier in the Strait of Hormuz

Fake Iran Aircraft carrier

Building a full size US Aircraft Carrier and then destroying it in the Strait of Hormuz with really heavy weapons is a statement, that is the least we can say about it.
When I look at Iran lately, I see a great resemblance with North Korea. I see a country that is trying to look really scary so the US will leave it alone. Iran’s economy is really hurting, the sanctions have drained all the cash so the regime is struggling to survive. The majority of Iran’s population is against the regime’s financing of all it’s proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah and the rebels in Jemen. At the risk of their own lives, the men and women of Iran are going out on the streets to claim regime change. Without a doubt, the pressure on the regime is rising.

Ezekiel 38/39 teaches us that in the near future Iran will attack Israel, together with Russia and Turkey and many others. We can see the stage is being set for this coming war.

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