How to be ready when Jesus comes.


It doesn’t matter if you have been a follower of Jesus for one day or 40 years. You need to be ready when the trumpet sounds and Jesus calls his bride to be with Him. You need to have oil in your lamp like the in the story of the wise virgins in Matthew 25. I want to tell you about how to be ready. What does it mean to “be ready”.

First of all you need to proclaim that Jesus is Lord, He is the creator of heaven and earth. He is the only Son of God and He came down to earth and proclaimed the good news to His people and the world. He died on the cross in Jerusalem and rose from the death 3 days later. Now He sits on the right side of the Father. Nobody can come to the Father then trough Jesus. Meaning there is no other way to the Father than Jesus Christ. No Buddha, no Mohammed, no good deeds can save you. Only Jesus can. Why? Because we are unholy (sinful) and the Father is Holy and nothing unholy can come close to the Father.

Second you need to confess your sins. All the sins you can remember you should tell Jesus in prayer. Tell Him you are sorry for what you did and, if you still can, go and tell the people that you have hurt that you are sorry. Ask for forgiveness, if you have stolen something, give it back or pay it back. If you have lied, tell the truth etc. I cannot point this out enough, take your time to clean up your past. Even if this means you need to contact people you haven’t seen in 20 years. at least try and make it right. God will bless you when you do.

Third, you need to forgive those that hurt you or are still hurting you. Whatever it is, you need to forgive because God has forgiven you many sins swell. If you cannot forgive how can He forgive you?

Last, you need too long for the soon return of Jesus. If you do not long for His return then something is very wrong. Like a bride longs for her marriage so we must long for that moment when we will be reunited with Jesus in the sky. If you are too busy with your career or your children or your money or your house or even with the things of the church, then your heart is divided. Jesus needs to have first place. We are only temporary residents of this world. Don’t be fixed on the things of this world. Be fixed on the things of heaven. Jesus wants a relationship with you. that means you need to talk to Him. talk to Him a lot and about all the things in your life. He will guide you through the Holy Spirit!

Many christians will be left behind on the day of the rapture because they fail to do this. Remember: when you are Lukewarm He will spit you out of his mouth.

I pray that this will bless you.

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