Anti-ChristEnd Times

How A.I. will be used by the Anti-Christ


All developed countries in the world are trying to stay ahead of each other through developing new technology.
The 4th industrial revolution is changing the world and its focal point is Artificial Intelligence.

A.I. is changing almost all aspects of our society. The way factories are working, how cars are build, how weapons are made and being used. You name it, it’s being changed by A.I. The countries leading this field will be the major powers of tomorrow. Like the UK dominated the world in the first industrial revolution and the US dominated the world during the second and third industrial revolution, so will the world be dominated by the countries that use A.I. in the most efficient way.

Why is this important to us christians? Well, soon the anti christ is coming to rule this world for a short time. He will need a global system to take control of all humanity and A.I. will be a very important factor in realizing this. A.I. will give the tools to control the global financial system and also provide the technology to track and trace everything and everyone. The power to the few leading the world will be enormous. Computers and robots can do allot of the dirty work for the Anti Christ system. Check out the video below to learn more about A.I.