Fear grows that bible will become illegal in Scotland


Europe used to be a christian continent. Every city and village was build around a church, it was the center of daily life for many centuries.  European culture and traditions are mostly rooted in the christian faith. It’s sad to see that in just a few decades media and subsequently the politicians have forced society into a new direction where God has no longer a place let alone the highest place. New laws are being voted to erase Gods word from our societies. A good example is this new law in Scotland:

‘Scotland’s new Hate Crime and Public Order Bill has been proposed by the Scottish National party to repeal the obsolete outlawing of blasphemy. However it appears to inadvertently translate into new sorts of “anti-blasphemy” laws. One of the more controversial sections of the bill includes the crime of ‘stirring up hatred’, which criminalizes anyone that ‘behaves in a threatening, abusive or insulting manner’ or ‘communicates threatening, abusive or insulting material to another person’.

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