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Putin Corona vaccine possible big blow to Globalists

corona vaccine

Putin didn’t even bother to register his vaccine with the WHO (world Health Organization), knowing that they favor China or EU vaccines.
He silently had a Russian vaccine developed and they just skipped intensive testing, which normally takes several years. If it’s true that Russia has already orders from 20 countries amounting to 1 billion vaccines that would be a great win for Russia.The big question now is, is it save? If so then the EU, China and US Pharma companies currently working on a vaccine will try to stop Russia in any way or form to successfully sell their Vaccine worldwide. If Russia is stopped in it’s tracks by the new world order, I’m sure it will make Putin very angry! There are organizations out there that want to use this crisis to make some big changes. Russia just selling vaccines to every country that wants them will be a big blow to their plans.

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