Coronavirus ID wristbands: preparing the masses for the sign of the Anti Christ

Covid Bracelets

The C19 I.D. Project is producing color-coded bracelets that communicate everyone’s antibody status.that will hopefully reduce people’s anxiety as they go out into the world. The bracelets could be an easy way to communicate preferences as social distancing policies change while the United States slowly starts to reopen because the deadly coronavirus cases are beginning to decrease. “We need a way to quickly communicate our social distancing preference,” C19 I.D. Project co-founder Tyler Barnet told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto on Tuesday. The C19 I.D. Project uses color-coded bands and buttons that quickly say, “I’m social distancing. I’m physically distancing. I need space.” by wearing red and “I tested positive for the antibodies, and I’m willing to socialize normally with other people who feel the same way,” by wearing green.

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