Beware TikTok really is spying on you!

Tik Tok

With 1,5 billion users, TikTok has became one of biggest social media platforms in the world. With this kind of volume comes great power. The Chinese government, as always, uses the digital highway to control, not just its own citizens, but also every other TikTok user. The app transfers all data about your smart phone, location, wifi network and the other app’s you’re using to China. This is all part of a global cyber war. You don’t really see this war, but it’s raging out there and the stakes are really high. In the long run it will decide who becomes the next super power. the Bible speaks of a coming man with great charisma and leadership, he will come like a comet and the majority will follow him. Controlling all humans will be a necessity for this man, the anti-christ. Apps like TikTok will provide information and the control he needs to accomplish his agenda.

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Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

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