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A summary of End Time signs

End Times signs

The world is on fire. 2020 has brought us many major changes and it looks like it isn’t over yet.
The increase in division and hate is staggering. The lawlessness and lovelessness in communities and families is just heart breaking.
Jesus warns us to watch for a time when a lot of events come together and I believe this time is now.
This is a summary of the things I can see in the world today.

  • Earthquakes all over the globe
  • Vulcanic eruptions
  • Major floodings on all continents
  • Large numbers of animals dying
  • Pandemics
  • Laws that allow abortion up to 40 weeks of pregnancy
  • Riots in many cities all over the world
  • Many rumors of war: between Greece and Turkey / China and Taiwan / China and India / Russia and Ukraine / Iran and Saudi Arabia / Iran and Yemen / Iran and Israel / Libya and Egypt /
  • Economic collapse, rising bankruptcies
  • Rising food prices
  • Extreme weather
  • Locust plagues
  • Failing harvests
  • Increasing anti-semitism
  • Media pushing for a genderless society / rising LGBTQ lobby
  • Rising christian prosecution
  • More love for self, more selfishness
  • Israel peace deal with Sunni Arabic countries
  • Increasing aggression from Turkey and Iran towards Israel
  • Push for the globalist agenda
  • Push for abolition of paper money
  • New technology surrounding vaccines to increase control of the population
  • Coming civil war in the US
  • Turkey moving in to Libya and Sudan

As you can see the world is in a bad place and it will get much worse before it gets better. Stay close to God, pray, humble yourself. Repent of your sins and preach the Word of God to all lost souls because the return of our Lord Jesus Christ is close.

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