Banks will suffer terrible losses due to Covid-19

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In today’s world a business needs money to function and a lot of money if it wants to grow. Banks have always been careful in lending businessess money because of the risks involved. But never the less, banks have invested heavily in the economy. It’s one of the main functions of almost every bank out there. I can guarantee you that not one bank has foreseen a virus hitting the global economy this hard. The coming months and years a large number of companies will be forced to stop or go bankrupt. This means less business for banks but also a lot of loans that will not be repaid. Profits will go down and banks will be forced to take action. First thing they will do is cut in expenses, employees will be laid off etc. But they will also look for changes in the global financial system. Handling cash money is an expensive task for any bank. This has been on their agenda for many years. The current crisis will speed this up. And by reducing cash money in our society they will make it easier to control the population.  A one world currency would seem a solution, together with a one world bank. Globalists will see a great opportunity to make some big changes to our economic system!

Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash

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