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ID2020, future mark of the beast?


Go check out the website of ID2020 and when you do, you will see that in theory a lot of good can be done by giving everyone an ID who hasn’t have any form of identification.
When the whole world will receive a vaccination for Covid19, they are going to use this opportunity to register everybody who isn’t already in a government database. This means mostly people from Asia and Africa. Implanting a microchip in one form or an other will make it “easy” for the governments to check on their population if they have had this vaccine. Off-course other information will be added onto this chip. This global pandemic is giving a momentum to the globalist who want to push their dark agenda. ID2020 can be used to get much more grip on the global population. It can very easily be a platform for the coming anti-christ to set into place a system where one cannot buy or sell without this “ID”. I strongly believe the Rapture of the church will take place before the mark of the beast is implemented so don’t be afraid. My intention is to warn people that if the mark of the beast is around the corner, how close then is the Rapture of the church. Be ready.

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