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Did Social Media make you a Hater?


How to make the fruit of the Spirit grow.

In the letter Paul wrote to the christians in Galatia we can find in chapter 5 the following well known verse: 22 But the fruit of the Sp...

End Times signs

A summary of End Time signs

The world is on fire. 2020 has brought us many major changes and it looks like it isn't over yet. The increase in division and hate is stag...

David Goliath

Why did David take 5 stones to defeat Goliath?

Why did David take 5 stones when he went to defeat Goliath? Who doesn't know the story of David and Goliath? The young boy who takes on the

Oil lamps 5 wise virgins

How to make sure you have oil in your lamp.

The title of this article is referring to the parable of the 5 foolish and the 5 wise virgins in Matthew 25. When the bridegroom came, only ...


A personal story about old sins and 3 reasons why to deal with them.

I must have been 35 years old when one day I remembered that when I was in High school there was this boy that I made fun of sometimes. Now ...

good news Good News

Let me tell you the most important news you’ll ever hear!

Problem? First of all let me start by telling you that you have a huge problem. One day you will d

Israel News
Jew Israel

Report shows steep decline in Jewish population of Europe

A new report published today by the European Jewish Demography Unit at the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) shows that the proport...

Third Temple Israel

For first time ever:More Jews pray on Temple Mount than Western Wall.

In a recent video taken during Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles), Israeli videographer Moshe Nisimboyim took a tour of Jerusalem’s Old City comp...

Netanyahu Israel

70% say Netanyahu victim of incitement, 45% assassination likely – poll

Israel Democracy Institute survey finds that, 25 years after Rabin’s assassination, nearly half of Israelis think it could happen again. Clo

Abrahamic House IsraelMiddle East

US envoy to UN claims new Israel-Arab peace deal possible ‘in next day or two’

Kelly Craft says in interview that another Arab state is on verge of normalizing with Israel; says agreements show Iranian citizens that ‘pe

Israel Flag Middle EastIsrael

Five Countries Are Weighing Normalized Ties to Israel.

Oman: Next in line? It is highly likely that Oman, a Gulf Arab country, will follow in Bahraini and Emirati footsteps and sign a deal with

Gog coalition (Middle East)

The Gog coalition as described in the Old Testament in Ezekiel 38 and 39 are: Russia, Turkey, Iran, Libya, Sudan and some smaller factions like Hezbollah and Hamas.

End Time News Gog Coalition

Egypt pushes for progress on Syria talks, inciting Turkish anger

There is little tangible progress in the wake of the talks last week, however Egypt’s position in ge

Sudan Israel End TimesGog Coalition

Trump announces Israel-Sudan peace deal, has call with Netanyahu, Sudan leaders

US President Donald Trump announced Friday that Sudan has agreed to make peace with Israel, making i...

SudanFlag Gog Coalition

Sudanese government deciding on normalization with Israel

The Sudanese government is convening to decide on the issue of normalization with Israel, CNN’s Arab

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Natural disasters
Nepal Monsoon Natural disasters

Monsoon Disasters: 444 Nepalis Dead, 101 Missing, 739 Injured Since April!

The monsoon-induced disasters, including floods, landslides, and lightning, continue to wreak havoc ...

Asteroid Natural disasters

10 newly-discovered asteroids within 1 lunar distance in 10 days

10 newly-discovered asteroids with a close approach within 1 lunar distance (<1LD asteroid) were ...

VietnamFlooding Natural disasters

Death toll climbs to 29, over 130 000 houses flooded in central Vietnam

At least 29 fatalities have been confirmed in central Vietnam as of Tuesday morning, October 13, 202...

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End Times signs Lawlessness

Streets of Philadelphia erupt, at least 30 officers injured after fatal police shooting of Black man

Angry protesters clashed with police and looted businesses in western Philadelphia Monday night afte

Pope Francis End TimesLawlessness

Pope Francis backs same-sex civil unions

Pope Francis has given his most explicit support to same-sex civil unions in a move that is likely t...

Abortion Lawlessness

China orders hospitals to abort, kill newborn babies of religious and ethnic minorities

Hospitals in Xinjiang were ordered by China’s Communist government to abort and kill all babies born...

The Anti-Christ
Turkey Navy Anti-Christ

How Turkey became a strong naval power in recent years and could this be fulfilling prophecy.

In the Bible, the book of Daniel to be precise, we can see a prophecy of a future king of the north ...

Pope Francis Anti-ChristReligion

Pope Francis says New World Order needs to happen now with United Nations in charge

In his latest Fratelli Tutti (Brothers All) encyclical letter, Pope Francis issues a plea for the na

EU Flag Anti-ChristTechnology

ECB preparing full digital currency.

Digitalisation is spreading to all areas of our lives, satisfying an increasing demand for immediacy...

Earthquake EarthquakeNatural disasters

Earthquake update

Click here to see a complete overview of all earthquakes worldwide.  

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