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2021 and a Warning to all Christians.


As in the days of Sodom: why the Obesity problem is a Sign of the End.

In Ezekiel 16 v 49 we can read the following: Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and

Happy 2021 and a warning for every christian.

I wish you all a Happy and blessed 2021! I hope 2021 will be a year filled with the fruit of the spirit. In 2 Timothy 4:3 we read the fol...


Longing for the Lord

Longing for the Lord The days slowely become darker, the nights grow longer, people start putting up Christmas trees, are hanging lights in


What will the post Trump era bring?

All Israel loving christians around the world were amazed to see how boldly President Trump supported Israel for the past 4 years. Not only ...

woman Praying

What does “I believe in God” really mean?

Do you believe in God? I believe in God. A lot people believe in God. But what does it mean to believe in God. What is the core meaning of t...

good news Good News

Let me tell you the most important news you’ll ever hear!

Problem? First of all let me start by telling you that you have a huge problem. One day you will d

Israel News
Iran Israel flag IranIsrael

I am working on options to keep nuclear weapons out of Iran’s hands

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is convinced that one of the most important decisions of the upcoming election will be who leads the count


With US cold shoulder, should Israel now pivot towards France?

With a chill wind starting to blow toward Israel from Washington as US President Joe Biden still has not called Prime Minister Benjamin Neta...


Pressure on Israel rising due to Iran’s uranium enrichment program.

By giving the Iranian regime the ability to produce more and more enriched uranium the pressure on Israel to do something about it is gettin...

Iran Map IranIsrael

Iran to Raze Tel Aviv, Haifa to Ground If Israel Makes Mistake

A senior Iranian military official says if the Israeli regime makes the slightest mistake, Iran will level Haifa and Tel Aviv to the ground....

Iran Israel flag IranIsrael

Iran and Israel: The inevitable war?

The Iranian government announced on January 4 that it had resumed enriching uranium to 20 percent at its underground nuclear facility at For

Gog coalition (Middle East)

The Gog coalition as described in the Old Testament in Ezekiel 38 and 39 are: Russia, Turkey, Iran, Libya, Sudan and some smaller factions like Hezbollah and Hamas.

Russia Navy Gog CoalitionRussia

Russian warship enters Sudan port in new military deal

A Russian warship has entered a Sudanese port where Moscow plans to build a naval base on Sudan’s Re...

Russia Navy Gog CoalitionIran

Russia announces joint naval drill with China and Iran in the Indian Ocean ‘soon’

Russia will hold joint naval drills with Iran and China in the Indian Ocean later this month, it has

Erdogan Gog Coalition

Erdogan positions powerful Turkish military as backbone of regional strategy

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ushered in the new year, pledging to employ his country’s military to...

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Natural disasters
Etna Natural disasters

‘Incredibly powerful’ paroxysm at Etna, lava fountains exceeding 1 000 m (3 300 feet) in height

The fourth paroxysmal eruptive episode in just 4 days started at Etna's Southeast Crater on the even...

Earthquake Natural disasters

Japan rocked by ‘aftershock’ from devastating 9.0-magnitude quake that hit in 2011

A powerful earthquake that hit Japan on Saturday was an aftershock of the devastating 9.0 magnitud...

Earthquake Natural disasters

Tsunami Confirmed: Australia, NZ on High Alert After 7.7-Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Southeast of Loyalty Islands

A powerful undersea earthquake of 7.7 magnitude has struck north of New Zealand, on Wednesday, promp...

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Sundan_hunger Lawlessness

Ethiopia Tigray crisis: Fear of mass starvation

Hundreds of thousands might starve to death" in Ethiopia's Tigray region, according to a gover...

Abortion Lawlessness

Argentina abortion: Senate votes in favour of legalisation

Argentina's Congress has legalised abortions up to the 14th week of pregnancy, a ground-breaki...

End Time News Lawlessness

Pro-LGBT Anglicans attack evangelicals after new conversation about sexuality is launched

The debate about same-sex marriage and LGBT identities in the Church of England is not new, but rece...

The Anti-Christ
End TimesReligion

Christians, Muslims and Jews to share faith centre in Berlin

On the site of a church torn down by East Germany’s communist rulers, a new place of worship is set ...

EU Flag Anti-Christ

European Commission to propose vaccine passport legislation this month

The European Commission will propose legislation for an EU-wide digital vaccine passport in March, P...

EU Flag Anti-ChristEnd Times

EU army warning: US and UK at risk from European military – MEP lifts lid on Macron’s plot

EMMANUEL MACRON's plans for an increasingly integrated European Union and an independent EU army hav...

Earthquake Earthquake

Gantz warns of future earthquake: ‘the time frame to prepare grows short

The leader of Blue and White, a coalition partner of Likud, lamented that the ministerial committee

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